"Monstrous Parade"- A gaint man-eating worm creature attacks a city.

Edit by -Ben_Wolfe- :3:

Musical Inspirtation…

(Yeah, I just happened to hear this while I posed it so I thought it fit, disregard the fact it’s Narnia :v:)







Notes: (I’m using them too :3:)

  • Third pose I’ve ever really done :v:.
  • Man on motorcycle is actually trying to make it away.
  • Hard to see, but a woman is caring to an injured man by the cop car.
  • Also hard to see but another woman was run over by the cab, and the driver ran from the scene.
  • The two events happened before the worm reached this point.
  • Hope you like it. C&C Please :D!

Nice Thresher Maw or Pitworm. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jesus christ that thing is nasty looking. Overall, good job!

man…i’d so love to get a working Dark Messiah spawnlist thing…

nice edit BTW

Thanks guys :smiley:

Took me a while to pose all that crap, specially after like 5 crashes from new spawnicons xD…

Im suprised, many people says Spawn Icons crash their pcs, and my pc sucks but it has never crashed with them…

About the pic, the angle is really cool, i like the blur too. Nice posing on the worm thing.

A bad spelling, but a very artistic pic.

I know it can be difficult to do, but the motorcycle guy doesn’t look like he’s moving.

unless you intended it to look that way.

I saw “Edited by -Ben_Wolfe-” I was like: “I did what now?”

and now I remember.

and remembering is hal- wait… no.

Firefox spellchecks everything… Not sure where I made a mistake, but whatever :v:.

Thanks for replying guys :smiley:

Oh, if you look at the original, his right foot is on the ground, he’s just now mounted it. :slight_smile:

In the title: “A gaint man-eating etc. etc.”

Ah :x…

Thanks for pointing that out xD… Shame I can’t fix it.

Nice. At first I thought it wasn’t GM Bigcity.