Monthly wipes getting old.

Coming from someone who has over 900 hours on record I must say the monthly wipes are getting a bit old. I don’t know how many more restarts from scratch I can endure. Why not have a period of really fast decay or something that would get rid of the abandoned buildings? There is always a period of lots of activity for the first couple of weeks then as people get raided they just stop playing until the next wipe. There is no incentive for them to rebuild if they know there is only a week or so before its all forced gone again.

The developers need to do it so they can add major game changes that require a fresh start to the world to work. Like building modifications and new terrain additions

Yup, the wipes are there because they change the procedural map generation. You can’t obtain the same maps with the same seed after the procedural gen is changed.

Coming from someone who has over 1200 hours wipes are the best thing ever. Most of my friends stop playing after 20-25 days and just wait for the wipe. And the first 3 sometimes 4-5 days are the most fun of the whole wipe

100% agree. Map + bp wipe = the most fun in Rust. Learn to love and embrace wipes they are a blessing.

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Just to be clear most procgen changes lately have been mild and using the same seed from wipe to wipe resulted in almost identical maps. Rivers change a bit, maybe radtown placements, etc. Some progen changes are more drastic.

They are mild when they don’t change a lot, as they do lately, maybe they should change it to a once every two months. But the thing is maps an generated while loading, that’s why it takes a shitload of time. They are not saved on your hard-disk. That’s why the generator has to be exactly the same on the server and the clients. If they do the slightest update the maps change.

Imagine having a house on a hill, and once you change the procgen the hill is smaller so the house is flying, and things can go a lot weirder as you can imagine. Thus the maps have to be empty when they change it.

If you think the lags get bad now try keeping this pig up for two months at a time. Maybe down the road when things are optimized but two months would simply kill a server that has any amount of players

Seriously, I’ve played enough Korean MMORPGS in Alpha and Beta state to know that while it may seem annoying, mandatory wipes ARE necessary.

Whenever they change something, there is a slim chance it could have unexpected, possible game crashing results. Like, what if someone added an extra 1 and now wooden walls are AK-47’s? Without a wipe, there would either be piles of AK-47’s where wooden walls were or the game would crash when you looked at where a wooden wall was.

And what about when they remove an item from the game? There is a chance that without a wipe that all clients would crash non stop because the game is trying to find an item that no longer exists and since it can’t find it, it shuts down.

The problem is wiping times for servers mate. Having 2 months forced up cycles leaves more room for every server to wipe when needed only.

Well my bad I understood the above posts were more a request for longer times between wipes.

I think your reasoning is flawed. I think there’s a period of great activity at the beginning of wipes because people like that part best. Then they slowly drop off because doing nothing but maintaining an already built base is pretty boring. In this case, it’s an argument for more frequent wipes as that’s the part people enjoy most.

You can actually find proof for this if you browse the community server list. The vast majority of the most populated servers have 1-2 week wipe cycles.

I’ve only played a month and this is the first wipe for me, and I’m looking forward to it. During this month I’ve started and built huge bases on 4 different servers, London/Amsterdam/Ireland <- all lag/down so finally went to a community server and now waiting for wipe. I could not imagine playing with the same base for more than a month, I grew bored of them in only a week anyway. A huge fun part of the game is the building, although for those with less time I can imagine the wipes being annoying, but overall I think it freshens up the game, everyone starts new and you run into people everywhere I can imagine!

All of this players getting bored stuff is because there’s fuck all to do outside raiding. If Facepunch adds some real PVE threats (helicopter isn’t a real threat once you know how to avoid getting its attention)

Coming from someone who has 860 hours on record, I don’t know why this should be important, but I agree that rust is currently living from the monthly wipes. But honestly, servers shouldn’t have to wipe at all.

Yeah I didn’t play when there were zombies but I can’t see why they were removed. What the game is missing the most is really some sort of PvE threat but not necessarily like the chopper, just something so you can’t just go out any time and rarely worry, I’m not sure but maybe it could have some fantasy stuff like giants :stuck_out_tongue:

Join community servers mate, way better than the officials for many reasons :slight_smile:

Yes, I joined a community one ~1.5 week ago but we got a good base and then my friends decided to wait for the wipe instead because we’d been jumping around so much lately it just felt better now that we’ve found hopefully our home we’ll just wait it out and enjoy it today(hopefully soon) :smiley:

Even in legacy the AI was terrible but when a wolf got on your tail you ran and ran and ran lol it was exciting. Now animals are soooo stupid it’s a joke, when I want low grade fuel I go looking for bears trapped between rocks and I kill them with a pointed stick! It’s laughable really

And why they do wipe Hapis island???
Thats a non procedural map

Half the reason for the wipes is the build up of objects, the system gets overloaded checking on all this crap on the map and eventually it gets to the point no one can build anymore or the server just bogs down under the load. Will be this way until they optimize and unity gets a bit better at handling this stuff