Monumental Gaming is an Australian based Garry’s Mod community which has been around for one year. We run seven Garry’s Mod servers, and we have just launched our new 100 slot Rust server.

The server itself is full default, so PVP and Sleepers is enabled. There is absolutely no admin abuse. I am the only one with rcon access and I know what it’s like to play on a server with abusive admins who give themselves an unfair advantage over other players.

The Rust server has been up for a couple of days, so at the moment it is pretty chill. Wipes are minimal and are only likely to happen on game-breaking updates. It is generally a friendly and casual server to play on as a lot of players know each other from our gmod servers.

The server name is AUS [Oxide] PVP/SLP. Use net.connect to connect easily.

We also have a Teamspeak server,

The server is now running Oxide mod. Door sharing amongst other addons are installed.

Our forums can be accessed at

Thanks for your time, might see you on there :wink:

Merry Christmas also!


Bump :quagmire:

Random Airdrops at 15 players

Back up and running fine now

Just updated the server. Hopefully that update has fixed all the lag, so far so good!

Peaked at 27 players last night :smiley:

confirmed as working!

Have just applied the new update.

Upped the airdrop requirement to be 20 players as we are getting a lot more players now. Our record is 112, average players on is usually 40-60!


Just done our first wipe, next one will be at least 2 weeks from now unless something drastic happens!

Server updated.

We now have a new IP. Bumped down to 100 slots!

The server has just been “wiped”. Oxide mod is installed, such as Door Sharing and Groups. We will be looking at altering some of the research/looting (mainly to make C4 more of a challenge to craft) but this won’t be for a couple of weeks.