MOOCOW Admin Mod

Welcome to MOOCOW, the Manual Obedience Operations Control of Win!

News: MOOCOW VERSION 1.0 RELEASED!!! (4/6/09) - 27 days after starting

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What is MOOCOW?:
MOOCOW is an admin mod for Garrysmod. It is a project that I created in order to replace the old, dying, and poorly coded other admin mods for gmod.

MOOCOW is a simple, intuitive system that allows users to perform actions quickly and easily, and at the same time gives you the freedom to customize it should you choose. MOOCOW is the only admin mod that features customizable teams and commands to such as degree that you can actually choose where and to whom messages appear.

Why Choose MOOCOW?:
I’m not going to sit here and list nonexistent/implied/or otherwise standard features like you’ll find in the features lists of some of my competitors, instead, I’m going to tell you about, good, unique, and powerful systems that are in place in this mod and this mod alone.
[li]Toggled commands. One of the major flaws with other mods is that it makes the commands that activate and deactivate certain punishments separate. This means that they need a lot more useless code to make it that way, and they make interfacing commands more difficult. MOOCOW’s commands, however, can be imagined like light switches, every time you call the command on someone, you flip their light switch on or off.[/li][li]There are ‘mass commands’, meaning you can run commands on multiple people with only one call to a command! Just type a # symbol, followed by the rank to use it on, optionally followed by a + or - to have it work on all teams above/below that group respectively (inclusive with the group name you type)! (Example: “slay #client+”, which will slay everybody)[/li][li]It’s not case sensitive. That means that no matter where you enter data, whether it be in a configuration file or in chat or console, MOOCOW will read “HI” the same as “hi” the same as “Hi”. This eliminates a lot of aggravation that people had with competitors.[/li][li]Features its own prop protection systems. These allow you to configure what gets protected, when it gets protected, and much much more! There are commands for adding prop friends, tools that are immune to protection, and more, including admin flags for prop protection.[/li][li]A Derma based, easy to use GUI that makes using all the commands very very easy. It’s not the flashiest thing in the world, I admit, but it gets the job done. You can also use Derma skins with this, just like anything else to tailor it to your desires.[/li][li]Rank restriction systems, allowing you to configure what is the minimum rank that can attain a specific swep/sent/tool. This is all easily configurable through the GUI.[/li][li]A settings.txt file that allows you to change virtually anything that you desire! You can change the display messages for all commands, you can change what character sequence initiates a command (/help vs. !help vs. moocow help or anything else you like) and even misc settings that let you do things like determine if water should put out fires initiated by the burn command.[/li][li]It’s ‘bare-bones’ by itself. While the package you download is not (you’d need to take out the plugins for it to be), the MOOCOW scripts (moocow_server.lua and moocow_client.lua) are completely independent and work by themselves; everything else is a plugin, everything. That means that you can choose exactly what you want for your server, without too much or too little. Everything from separate commands to command entry via chat is done through plugins. This same system creates a unique and favorable system for third party developers to use.[/li][li]Customizable groups. This is the only mod that only has one team hard coded (the default). All of the other mods tell you what to use, they say you must have an owner, super admin, admin, moderator, etc. team, and that’s just not a good programming practice. MOOCOW, on the other hand, lets you choose precisely what teams you want and how they’re configured. It has a powerful, easy-to-use system for creating teams in a teams.txt file in your garrysmod/data/moocow directory, allowing you to make any team you like. You can choose the name of the team, its display color for the scoreboard (scoreboard not implemented yet), what commands it has, and if it inherits the commands of a sub team.[/li][li]It’s incredibly efficient. I was surprised when looking at the other popular admin mods to see how much unneeded clutter there was in their mods. It’s amazing how little code it takes to do things that other mods use over 150 lines to accomplish. Many simple things, such as checks to ensure punishments have been made more efficient by making them not run every frame, but rather only when needed.[/li][li]A unique banning system. When you ban players, it will no longer use Valve’s feature minimal recording system, instead, information of banned players is saved to a special file that allows you to easily view, in and out of game, who was banned, by whom, when, for how long, and why. Identification of the players involved in the ban process is simplified by the addition of the player’s name alongside their Steam ID.[/li][/ul]
Enough Technical Stuff! Where can I find a Commands List?:
All commands can be found here
An FAQ can be found here
How do I Download/Install MOOCOW?:
MOOCOW is available as an SVN download only DO NOT UPLOAD IT ANYWHERE ELSE.
To install, simply follow the instructions here
For All Questions: Please, please, please go to the wiki before asking!

All of the code was written by me, turck3/Revan, however I did get a few pointers from ZeikJT of and n00berific. Both of which were a huge help. Thanks.
Thanks to the beta testers also, Darastrix, Lancelot, Medic’s Medic, and anyone else who tried it.

VIDEO - NOTE: GUI shown at old revision with gaps that have since been removed (see screenshots below)

NOTE: Shown at low resolution to save on space! GUI does resize!

Awesome!you finally released version 1!

I swear, it says MOOCOW after almost every word. I’M BLINDED BY THE MOOCOW

… yea I’ll check it out sometime.

I would love some pictures of the Derma/VGUI.

Was thinking that myself, just finished taking them.

Awesome. Hope you don’t mind if I peak at your code. I won’t steal but I like learning Lua. =]

Peak, steal, whatever, just give me credit if you steal :smiley:

Even if turck3 did mind,how would he know if you did peak at he’s code or not anyway -.-?

True, but I am just being nice…is being nice against the rules on Facepunch?

Anyways I shall suggest this to my friend who owns a server…once I see the pictures.

Yes,yes it is :slight_smile:

and even if it was(n’t) what can I do about it ;o

Images posted, enjoy. Video on the way.

GUI isn’t wonderful but it gets the Job done. =]

The entire philosophy of the mod, in that sentence. It’s not about having a flashy GUI, it’s about having a functional, appropriate, configurable, atmosphere in which to administrate your server.

That’s where New Admin went wrong.

I love flashy things actually…but I do think flashy can come later.

Keep in mind, you can use Derma skins with this. Make it look more flashy :stuck_out_tongue:

True. I use Steam Flat Derma Skin. <3

Anyways I’ll link my friend to this thread next time he gets on. If I had a server i’d use it but I do not.

Can some experienced coders give this thumbs up/down? I would like to see some support/comments from them before trying it out.

I personally love your mod, especially some of the other funny commands like rocket

Then you’re probably going to wait a long time.

Finally, an alternative to ASSMod. Going to try this out now.