Moon mission

oh cock

John Madden!


Button mash sequence activated.

lol, I not know how to astronaut.

Something about the clipboard and the flag just floating there made me laugh. Good space posing. Where are those astronauts at?


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they’re falling from the sky onto earth

this isn’t meant to look realistic in any way btw

big american tee tee es

no srsly this fucking rules

3, 2, 1, ASS!

I love the retro space suits

“oh cock”

i lol’d on that one.

this is a good one, but it lacks EHBAY.

Okay, seriously. Well done.

thanks :v:

Fire looks bad, otherwise it’s fine.

this mission was bound to be disaster anyway without anything tethering them to the ship

“Shut up james”

It makes sense since the austronauts are 3.

I can’t look at any astronaut related pictures anymore without being reminded of Moonbase Alpha/John Madden.

This mission takes me back.

Annnd I’m frreeee…free falling!