MoonGate: New Version

New MoonGate Chip

We develop a new version of MoonGate.

Main Idea - BlackNecro
This Release - kna_rus(He is my team)

ChangeLog,WhatToDo and another items about MoonGate your can find on in english!)

Some info about MoonGate:

New features from as:

[li] Closed exploits with Entities(Now people can use Entities DataType only as Chip Entity or constrained entities )
[/li][li]Added EGate2/GPU Editor
[/li][li]Added syntax highlight
[/li][li]Removed symbol limit (Old MoonGate Editor had symbol limit - ~9000~ )
[/li][li]Fixed DataTypes
[/li][li]Makes new menu for Storage and File Upload

Some screenshots:


New Upload and Storage Menu

This is beta, so there can be ANY bugs. Report them here.

We have permission from BlackNecro for the development Another Version of his MoonGate.

Your can download latest version of this addon from SVN


Leave suggestions here, hope I will get some good ideas.

Awesome, finally i can use functions and loops in my chips.



A quick question, does it fully support Lua?

Your can’t write new gamemode or entities and sweps, if your mean it.

It uses very limited lua. But yes, you can use for/while loops, table, string and some other libraries. I’m going to add glon right now. And fix some exploits.

Uhhm, i can’t spawn it in GMod. If i click the left mousebutton just nothing happens.

You must write chip, close editor, open clientside files dir in Q menu, select your file, press upload, then open serverside files select file and then you can spawn it :smiley:

Like as GPU

Oh, ok sorry. Thought it handles it like Exp2

I can make myself admin on a server using this, I just know it. I need to figure out how though.

You can’t, in this version of MoonGate.

Now you really can’t. Fixed most exploits.

cool but how do i program it???


(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - mahalis))

Just read the code. Damn is that awesome.