Moon's Demon's and Dark Souls release thread

Release thread for all my Souls series ports. Without further ado, let us begin.

DeS weapons:

All of the player equipment from Demon’s Souls, for your medieval posing needs.

If you are interested in making these into SWEPs, please contact me first, thank you.

Please report any bugs you find.

FROM Software and SCE Japan studio for Demon’s Souls
Zaramot for the scripts
BlueFlytrap and YareYareDong for the shading
Nem for VTFEdit
Cannonfodder for his plugins



Got a external link for non-gmod users like me? I’ve been wanting the Brandt and Large Sword of Moonlight weapons for a while. This almost makes up for the fact that people kind of stopped porting characters from Demon’s Souls. :v:

PS the second link is just a copy of the first link.

It’s supposed to be like that, the first link is part of the general list, for when I post more things, while the second is the proper release link.

I plan on doing characters eventually. Got some work started on them.

You use SFM then?

Yep, gave up on gmod years ago when I found SFM. I just found it easier to just drag and drop files in the usermod then having to whip out GMAD to get the files I’m looking for. I don’t think I even cleaned out my Gmod addons after uninstalling it. :v:


Funnily, I tried SFM multiple times, but the UI always turned me off, not unlike Blender.

Some good stuff here, thanks!