Morbias 2013 - Unreal deathmatch map remake

The classic arena from Unreal makes a return!

Years ago I already remade Morbias for TF2, but that version is outdated and FUCKING HIDEOUS, so I redid it. From scratch.

This Deathmatch map is played in 15-minute rounds which end with Sudden Death (or Stalemate, depending on server settings). With this I hope to prevent a problem many TF2 DM maps have, where the map lacks round win conditions and never ends unless players force a mapchange which would be damn inconvenient.

Like my old (shitty) remake, this map replaces the elevators from the original game with gravity lifts. Spawns are spread evenly across the map for both teams.

also it supports 64 players

B1 download link.
B1 Gamebanana download link.

Added a Gamebanana download to the OP seeing as Zippyshare uploads aren’t permanent.