More Aggressive Zombies

Hey guys!

Im sure this has been posted before. However, I’m new to Rust and haven’t seen it yet, so I figured I’d bring it up!
I had the idea of zombies becoming more aggressive. Predominately at night. Roaming more, being more alert to sounds (gunshots), and overall more aggressive at night would lead to more difficult, and fun, raids.

Im not sure about you guys, but having a massive gunfight in someone’s base, and then having 6-7 more aggressive zombies join us in the pitch black would definitely spice things up a bit!
Let me know what you think!


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Also, this would make zombies an actual issue in the game, other than a minor inconvenience. Would really push towards making it a more zombie survival game.

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Furthermore, this would also make the suppressor a more necessary attachment! Now, it’ll keep yourself more hidden against a hyperactive threat, other than nerf the damage of your weapons!

I’m all for this, this would work out nicely. Zombies are too little of a threat after you have become established. The only issue is how you balance it for people who are just brand new starting out.


Queue the folks reminding you that this isn’t a zombie survival game, it’s a survival game with placeholder zombies.

I actually agree, though. :slight_smile: This behavior could be transferred to whatever ends up replacing the zombies and in the meantime would make running around at night even more tense.

Haha like I said, I’m still relatively new to Rust. But I even saw on trello what they were trying to do with them

aren’t red zombies aggressive enough? they do 30-ish damage to a naked and run at light speed

You can simply outrun them, and can easily be killed or avoided, considering they are only in certain spots in which everyone knows.
In worse case scenario, you can jump on a rock to escape them.

More aggressive no problem, but make them blind at night same as player.

How Garry has declared, he don’t want to have a game that look a zombie survival… But only a survival game, without zombie, if is necessary. I agree with this.

Hmm he can then transmute these characteristics to whatever he chooses as the next placeholder. Without something like this the game would just be PvP, and wouldn’t make anything other than fellow players an issue. Regardless this is just a suggestion.

obvious, everyone express his opinion… I think that for less pvp is necessary a more agressive wild. Not only zombies.

The game will change into Zombies --> Hostile Human NPC as i understand from garrys post, and from his future vision it’s going to be more a dark, paranoid, mutation like game, defected radioactive wildlife.

Think of the game right now as build the foundation to all the candy filling.

i agree with the more aggresive zombies/future enemies. It would be nice to see a lot of aggressive monsters, enough to equalize the over aggressive raid pvp aspect of the game. Sure you can group up and raid a house, but there are also wild monsters around, etc

There should be a range zombie that spits green slime at you and causes like 20dmg and radiation.

Garry is going to delete the zombies…
read here -->

This game is already hard enough.

Come on, the game is piece of cake right now unless for the pvp against organized gropups thing…

this is what i said and I agree in part with this, as I said in the last post

pls don’t say rubbish… it’s hard for who don’t play with it, or for who play 10-15 minutes and disconnects

outrun them? they run 5 times faster than you.

Yes, I’ve been following the Trello! These characteristics can still go into the future NPCs.

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They don’t run 5 times faster than you! Just run in a straight line. Seems like you’re the only person who seems to have trouble with them.