more atistic pictures (by me)

You need to turn anti-aliasing as high as will go.

They are very nice.

Please when taking an Screenshoot, turn your graphics to the max.
Else it looks nice.

yesterday i update my graphic card and now i have probleme with distant objet
i follow make to get closer to see them

What is the map on the first picture?

de_Boston css map

Anti aliasing.

I hate panorama pictures. Turn your AA to the max and do some posings. Everybody can shoot pictures froma map.

you’ve got your own views, others have theirs.

Your problems with the distant objects may be due to the options in the game.
While already IN the map press “q” and near the post-process thing there may be (dont remember very well) a thing called Options. In these options you have some things to play around that changes some objects properties

Your autistic?

Anyways the edits are nice but they need AA

Also to change the models LOD so they don’t look like shit at long range you need to open console and enable sv_cheats 1 and then type in r_lod -5. This means that models will look as good at long range as they do at point blank.

His autistic what?