More attachments to come ?

Can anyone confirm if these following will be in the game ?

Attachements: Infra-Red Scopes, Sniper stand, Extended Mag, Zoomed in and Out scope/sight

lol this sounds so wrong in any way possible. I hope not.

they are adding make-shift guns to the game and you belive they will make this? lol
and by sniper stand you mean a bi-pod or what?

A bipod would be kinda neat, but thats it.

nope they wont

but im sure they will add a few hand made attachments XD

Go play call of duty man Rust isn’t about guns. It’s about survival ! There will be no modern things and all th emilitary weapons are getting removed

They’ve got a trello about adding more attachments, though the specifics were unclear last time I checked.

Garry might have said that guns could go away, but in the same statement he also said that they could just become a lot harder to get. MaxOfS2D also said modern guns are going to be so hard to get that they would become status symbols. So it seems you’ll have to come to terms with your CoD-phobia.

Snipers would be way too OP

I thought military weapons would just be made uncraftable and super rare? I might be wrong though.

What the babies who constantly whine about weapons and want this game to be nothing more than a bow and arrow survival fail to realise is that there will be no desire for a large amount of players to continue gaming if you remove all the military weapons, people like me actually play this game to pvp and raid, I don’t really care much for gathering and building houses for days at a time

How do you think DayZ would fair if they listened to a portion of the community that always complained “this isn’t call of duty it’s survival!!!1”

Nobody would play that shit.

No, their going away, they will be replaced by homemade weps like the revolver.

You are correct. Like I stated earlier, the AMA everyone likes to quote also left it open that Garry would leave guns in and make them rare. This idea was further reinforced by MaxofS2D.

Months ago i asked Helk about Extended mags, he said that they are coming

that would just further the divide between the noobs and the op people