More Awesome Ideas For Rust!

Hello everyone, I just have a few ideas of some in game new items that could be in the game. First of all if you have any other suggestions please put them in the comments and other people should agree or disagree so we all now what we want and so Garry can implement them into the game. Thanks and heres what i was thinking:

  1. Bear Trap: Usage: Catch animals/Players and kill/hurt them in the trap.

  2. Snare Trap: Usage: Catch animals/Players and have them trapped. For players they could maybe have an item that is possible to craft called a pocket knife, where they could cut the rope to release them self from the snare trap.

  3. Spikes: Usage: Have players/animals fall into holes with spikes at the bottom. The players or animals that have fallen into the holes would start to bleed.

  4. Poison Spikes: Usage: The same as Spikes but with poison on them.

  5. Pocket Knife: Usage: Cut the rope from the snare trap to release them self. Also it could be used to use as combat.

  6. Rope: Usage: Used to make the snare trap.

  7. Poison: Usage: Used to make the poison spikes.

Well, those are all my ideas! Please post your ideas in the comments! :slight_smile:

I want rope so I can make a noose and execute people I don’t like by hanging them from my roof.