More "Bleach" models?


I know that anime models requests are not likable here, but since there is an Ichigo model, then, those should be made.

I want to request more “Bleach” models (I don’t know how to say those or what are the exact differences…but… the models should be playable -like…can be used in cs:s)

Those characters will look awesome!

Gin Ichimaru (A must have!)

Kenpachi Zaraki


I thought of adding this as a reference too (It’s the captain’s custom (back-front)


Why is Nel…not a lil kid in those pictures?

Becuase Nel was one of the original Espada in the anime and manga.

So i suppose it takes place in the future? what
I saw the episodes she was in and she was like 3 years old or so…
what happened?

Well, someone attacked her, damaged her mind and her ‘spirit core’ for lack of a better term. Her power thus shrunk, and she shrunk along with it. Its difficult to explain, but the Nel seen in the images are her re-awakened form. Its kind of like DBZ in that respect. Grow bigger=grow more powerful=bigger hair.