more blood types

there isnt realy enough types, regular blood is ok when you are making a person, but what about aliens, or monsters, or demons? also my knowledge is fairly limited, but can these only have a material thing (flesh with different decals) or can it actually splatter on to other surfaces?

it would be nice for

predator blood (green and it glows)
ugony blood (bright blue, glows
sanglehi blood (purple)
android blood 1 (white)
android blood 2 (white/tranclucent)
ash (for shooting demons)
xeno- dark green (alien acid blood)
brown blood
orc blood (black. or incredibly dark)

or is this simply imposible? i also havent seen any playermodels use antlionflesh, so should i have put this in the ideas/suggestions list?

Okay first of all Demon Blood? :eng101: That made me laugh, really hard.
Also, you kind of over used AVP Blood in there, though i do find it personally “Nice” and “Refreshing” to see something like this, so here is my C&C. Im not really sure if you can change the blood type unless you somehow emit it. Another point would be where would we even get the effects from if AVP if its not a source game and its hard to make effects from scratch. Overall this could work somehow, but im not completely sure how.

when i imagine demons bleeding i think of ash coming out

i imagine lots of things bleeding

also the avp stuff- i think it would just be a basic reskin of the current blood, made green/white/dark green and i know there is a command to get blood glowing

my idea was to try and get one of garrys team to put this in, as i dont think you could do this with lua. they could make it so that these material types can be put into model textures. and i dont know how to make a model a playermodel but it would be nice if playermodels and npcs could have there own blood (that i will spray all over the walls with my smg)

the idea is that the blood can be used for a decal instead of normal blood, and when people make playermodels they can choose what gets splatered on the floor when you get shot as the model, if you are going to play-lets say a predator when you get shot you dont want to see red blood on the wall you want to see luminous green blood instead (it would probably be better without the being shot but you understand)


yeah i am a sick fucker, but seriously i dislike the fact that a player will bleed red even if his model is that of a predator,robot, random alien,wicker man or chuck norris (or his son, mr ramadeen)