More Bow's types ?

I my self is a bow person love them in real life to i realy enjoy using the bow in rust but i was wondering if there will be more done with it

I would really like to see a sport’s bow (compound hunting bow) for an example the bow used in the show called arrow (season 2 ep1)

and maybe add a mod for it (a scope) like far cry 3

I know this is only alpha but im a huge fan theses types of weapon’s, guns are way to easy to use.

Please add more unique weapon’s…

like spear’s, oh can’t forget some boomerangs (this part a joke shhh :wink: )

can’t help it im Australian can’t forget them kangaroos to c: :slight_smile: :wink: xD

But on topic will there be more done with the bow or do you consider adding a compound bow in the future ?

I have mentioned crossbows in a previous posts… whether the devs like the idea or not it’s entirely up to them :wink:

I would rather not have different types but rather attachments for the bow (like a scope).

Well yeah i do agree with that one to, Attachments would be nice to i hope they add some c: