more Bows

Will there be added more bows/uppgraded bows?
Bows is for me one of the biggest reason why i enjoy this game, i love to run around and hunt animals and other players using the bow, but as it is now i feel that the bow could get some more options, new bows with uppgrade slots much like the other weapons, and perhaps new type of arrows with diffrent tips/effects (razor arrows for 100% bleed chance?) flaming tips, explosive tips, Etc. any thoughts??

The current bow is amazing its like the best weapon if used right. I think the current bow is good for now i still want a sight for it though or something of the sorts.

In TODO list:

Retrievable arrows > all other things

my prayers to the gaming gods have been heard !

Been on Trello for quite awhile now. Flaming arrows AND retrievable arrows