More building ideas.

-Concrete foundations
-Concrete walls
-Concrete ceilling
-Concrete pillars
-Concrete doorway
-Barbed wire
-Metal Fence
-Guard tower

I think we just need ladder and 1/3 Wall to make Guard Tower with the already existing fundation and pillar.

Agreed, along with versions of Wood and metal that are a little more advanced: i.e. no gaps, a little more durability, perhaps a door with a window in it to peek through…

I would have to say instead of concrete to make it stone. Makes more sense since you have to mine it.

I think concrete is plausible but you would need ash or lime.

stone buildings: a middle ground between metal and wood.

wood = 1 c4
stone = 2 c4
metal = 3 c4

but stone has the added effect of 100% hiding light sources inside of it (where as wood right now lets light bleed through it. stone can also not be pick axed.

stone walls ,
stone window
stone ramp

but no stone stairs , ceiling , pillars , doors or foundations . stone would work with wood in that regard.

then you can have stone barricades which also cant be pick axed … but are shorter so a person could siege them still.

and a guard tower would be nice , like a building that you don’t need a foundation for that is essentially a 2 story high tower with 360 visibility, but you can jump out of it (to prevent using it as a siege item). like a low tier house similar to a hut…

might work

concrete could be a tier 4 building type since you are basically using the same materials the rad towns are made of at that point.

Give me cobblestone so I can make a medieval-looking castle.

I love you.
-Concrete foundations
-Concrete walls
-Concrete ceilling
-Concrete pillars
-Concrete doorway

I have already suggested this…

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Middle ground idea is better with the stone, the concrete, if anything, would have to be above metal, and I think that metal should be as far as it goes. Perhaps not give stone an added bonus, though, because, even though it is only a middle ground, still, the others only have 1 benefit. They’re stronger.

Concrete would be a great addition as an end game structure option. It requires crushed stone, sand, cement(limestone and clay heated, and gypsum), water, steel reinforcing, wood for forming. It would be difficult to craft and research all the components but provide excellent protection.