More building options?

Yes I know this is not mine craft (saved u that 1), but don’t u think that rust would benefit from having just a few more building pieces. I’m not even exactly sure what kind of pieces im thinking of but I just feel that a few more options would help change the game. I personally just feel that rust has gone stale the last month or so.

There has been numerous threads with this and I encourage you to search for them instead, then support that, but I know what you mean:

Traingle blocks, circular walls, roofs, double doors, etc.

We already have triangular blocks and roofs, for months now.

And implementing circular stuff will be hell to make compatible with the current system. This isn’t the Sims

There are triangle floor pieces, not blocks.

Yeah triangle half blocks would make perfect sense and be easy for the devs 2 add.

The only possible use for triangle half blocks at this stage was to greif people who use triangles to defeat greifers

That is true but it would also let you make bunker windows on triangle floors/foundations

We can do without until a better solution to the fucktards that fill raided bases with half blocks is found IMO

You can do that now. Just takes more work.

Not real u could use them to fill in corners of your base 2 use as a shelf