More C4 on walls for destroy them

Hello ! I have a question, maybe more … I think walls are too weak at this time… Right now, when you are raid, ennemies don’t care about your doors etc etc, they put a stair next your house and destroy the walls in the middle of the house … So, why do 40 metal doors for protect your stuff and force them to use 120 C4 if they can use 5 C4 per wall ? I think it’s really not balanced : 120 C4 against 10 or 15 …

What do you think about that ? Maybe upgrade life of wall and make them less weak. For example, 7 or 8 C4 for a wall instead of 5 could be good :slight_smile:

(Sorry bad english, i did my best)

From my understanding they will be adding different building materials in the future with higher hp. Wood is the most basic.

I guess too but, right now if they can upgrade life of walls it could be good, in the future they can get down that it’s not a problem i think :slight_smile:

You know, if you ask me, a metal door should be more durable than a wooden wall. A wooden wall takes, what, 7 charges? I think either the durability of wooden walls should be lowered or the metal doors should have theirs increased.

But hey, that’s just me.

Yes but right now there is only wooden walls etc and even if metal is better than wood in real life, now it’s useless to do metal doors because it’s more easy to destroy walls and enter in your house by this way … :confused:

When he adds metal, wood will be nerfed (be able to be hatcheted, less health, etc.).

We’re adding higher quality materials, but in addition we’re going to make explosive charges much, much harder to create/find so they’ll be an investment if you choose to use them

That is nice. Veeery nice.