More Combine. (NPC additon...)

As many of you know, this top rated add-on ( on no longer works.
I basically remade it to work in Gmod 11 (10 update+)
Enjoy or whatever…I do not care…

(I could not convert the ceiling turret and the combine helicopter. For some reason their NPC scripts do not exit in ep2+, I tried and it said literary that it could not find their NPC scripts…So…whatever k…)

For Your Info: The reason why It is only combine, is that only the other combine NPCs are missing from default Gmod…(and whatever…I do not care…)

Forgot to add the download. :cow:

I like it, it’s ten times better than the old version, I’m going to replace the old with thi sone :smiley:


Weird witht he helicopter, since you fight one…

but that was scripted. Not a NPC…

Erm, the helicopter has AI. They just used it from HL2.

I tried to add it man, Several times and it said it was not a NPC…I even checked the names…Not working for me. so whatever…

Is this any different from any other npc pack including the drop ship, gunship, strider, hopper, stalker ect. Do the gunships actually fly?

Yes and the other NPC packs that did this broke after the update that broke a hell a lot of shit.

The update did not break them, only one. There is more than three that still work. The gunships actually fly?

Thanks I could now mess around with hopper mines!

Yes the gunship flys.
All I know is that the helicopter won’t work…so whatever.

yes it actually flies unlike others.

I liked it.

You could fix the combine sniper? (Actually it shots 1 time if kills you it don’t shot more)

If you shoot the helicopter with a RPG it is very interesting it flies around more and all the scripted explosions work the guy inside even falls out at some point but it takes a lot of rockets. :cool:

nice work, I needed those npcs

You’re missing the metro cop. :cop:

Sorry for bump, But that is already in the gmod NPC spawning menu thing. :v:

I already have all the npc’s in this addon… Is there any reason why i should download this addon? Anything special? (Not meant offensive in any way, i just want to know if i should exchange my old one with this one or not)

Finally, a working combine addon.
Good to see, it is working. ( Other one’s don’t.)
Good work mate, have lua, and download!

If you read the gunship actually flies. Gonna download this tomorrow.