More controllable movement by default

We have gamemodes bundled with addons meaning it’s not easy to just add one addon providing simple functionality, like, let’s say, the very oh so missing noclip feature:

Going up and down.
Also possibly choosing your own speed.

Want to know what i’m talking about? Fire up Unity Editor and fly around. It’s easy to move because you can go up and down at a keypress and you can change your speed.

You might say: What about the key bindings? Won’t they be confusing?
Firstly, you can configure bindings in the menu, can’t you?

Bind Shift and Control by default to go Up and Down respectively.
Faster and Slower modes will be accessible by holding down Alt and scrolling with the mouse (by default).

This is the behaviour as I’d see it by default, of course gamemode developers can throw it out, but it should be there at least in the bog-standard Sandbox mode.

Just use the devcam?