More customization is need!

A lot of people are not liking rust because it has really no customization options.
Comparing Rust to DayZ, they have very good clothing, which is what is need in Rust. We should be able to get an item like ink or some sort of paintable item and put clan tags on our weapons or something.
Clothes should be unique and different. Right now Rust is just like Minecraft where there are only a few sets of armour and that’s it.

The weapons seem to be limited also, you go from just medieval sort of weapons and then straight up to guns? We need a bit more of a variety.

What do you think needs to be added?

That would be awesome, but keep in mind it’s still in Alpha. The final release won’t be for at least another year or two. I think an ingame economy should be implemented, just like the addons that are on some servers. The game can be completely different once money is thrown around.

Both Rust and DayZ standalone are great games but what Soprano said they are both in Alpha stage. For the most part i would like to see something where you have a guild/squad/clan in RUST.

I would like to see more people hired to help build the game :slight_smile:

Alpha, alpha, alpha.
Work on functionality, then aesthetics.