More dangerous nights

I know the developer team is currently working on making the environment more dangerous to players so that PvP will not be the only thing you need to worry about. Perhaps this is a bit of a nod to Nether but I think the idea of making nights more dangerous would bring one more dimension to the game. Currently even if you can’t see anything at night, players can wonder freely without being too worried (except for agro’ing the random wolf or falling of a cliff). What if we were to add some sort of monster/ghost that comes out during the night. These can be extremely stealthy and powerful predators that are difficult for a single player to handle. Perhaps they would also have awesome loots.

I think this may promote a bit more team work as people would have to band together if they want to go out hunting at night. This would also make players think twice before wondering into the night.

That’s my two cents, wanted to see what the community thinks. Maybe someone already thought of this.

Doesn’t really fit the style of the game. In the future there will be more hostile animals roaming the map that will impact going out at night time.

Interesting. Why do you think it doesn’t fit the style of the game? So here’s my thought. This is a post-nuclear blast world with irradiated landscapes and roaming zombies (presumably mutated from nuclear wars). Monsters (for lack of better description) can be like those found in the STALKER series. They would favor dark environments and act as predators. I think this would fit quite well into the feel of the current environment.

The Zombies are supposed to be getting removed; to be replaced with ??? at this point

Yeah I heard about that too. Thoughts on zombies being replaced by the night time predators that I speak of?

There are plans for this… nothing but secrets for now! Time will tell :slight_smile:

They could be replaced by NPCs that are struggling like us. Some wild roaming cave man style npcs and their tamed wolves.