More destructable houses or buildings?

its like everytime i look up destructible buildings or houses theres never anything good , like i know its possible to make a destructible house dupe or map like red faction realistic , people need to make more destructable objects and houses and buildings anything breakable it makes things more fun

Make your own using forcewelds, they’re not hard

yeah im trying but it be good if other people could make more as well

I might try that.
What’s the force of a explosive barrel or dynamite explosion?
If you don’t know, I can just set the force limit to 1.

maybe someone can remake the duders house from Gmod 9


i also liked the river house but when i spawn in adv dupe it spawns a a few feet above water and breaks


heres something to look at if you guys need any ideas, this is like the closest thing thats like red faction: guerrilla and crysis also a video of some building a dude made but he didnt make a link and he hasnt been on youtube for a few months so…


if only source had a geomod engine

If you set the force limit to 1, the prop just falls off due to the stress caused by weight. :q:

I think i’m going to try and make some force welded houses


my force limit for one of my buildings was like 576.5 maybe , it should probably be a little higher

I cant get forcewelds to work …
the second i unfreze my harword goes to what just hit the fan on my keyboard…

you need to set the force limit to something higher then 576.6 if not its really really weak

Now i just need a newer more powerful computer so i can buil the biggest one EVER!!!
Cringes in fear of nightly ban spree

Typically, you want it to counteract gravity for forcewelds, and also would want to counteract the player weight if it is below the player. That is grav = 600 (or so) + 85 (player weight) = 685 for platforms underneath a player. Also, it would lag a fair bit, but not way too much. All you need is patience.