More detailed clientside debugging tools/mode/logs.

At the moment the server I develop for is having some major issues where 10->40 people are timing out in blocks, and we can not for the life of us figure out why. At seeminly random intervals, the garrysmod clients will just freeze for 5 sec or so, then close by itself.
We have looked through console.log and server logs several times over and can not find a common pattern at all. Some mass timeouts happen for seemingly no reason, while we know of some issues that causes timeouts sometimes, but not others.
There are no common script errors during the timeouts either. We have started to suspect its something to do with either playermodels or ragdolls, but we are not certain.

The server never itself crashes during these periods, so its obvious there is an issue client side, we have gathered some minidumps from people, but they share the same fate as the logs; they do not, or very rarely, have something in common with eachother. This is where my question comes in: Is it possible for clients to enable a more detailed debugging mode somehow, or are there any tools that we can use to get more detailed logs of what happens on a client when it is timing out?

I understand if this doesnt really exist for clients, but we feel we have tried close to everything at the moment.

This is an RP server we are talking about, if that is any importance at all.

Ask users to monitor their memory usage. I’ve had gmod crash when reaching about 1.5gb of memory, and that’s usually from way too many addons or memory leaks from unoptimized addons (M9K can cause this because it uses SCK which doesn’t garbage collect CL models)