More detailed Half Life 2 vehicle models?

Is there any good modeler out there wanting to do this? It would sure be cool to have, and i am not that good at making models so. :3

Just look on Gamebanana for some HD HL2 vehicle skins

There are only for the driveable ones, i was looking for skins for the prop ones.

so why not just use the drivable ones…

They’re the same thing.

I know, but they are still low-poly and have a low texture resolution

why not just get 3ds max, import the models, delete all the ugly jagged crap and replace it with higher poly components, it wouldn’t take particularly advanced modelling skills to do that

Well i can never get the textures to work, i have already tried to make some props higher quality, didn’t end well tho.

i know there was some hd model pack for hl2 or something, perhaps you cant take your vehicle models out from there…

Try replacing the original ones with the FakeFactory ones.
Its a mod for HL2

Thanks, finally a useful reply.

well fuck you too

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I have been playing it for the last 3 hours, it is incredible well made, but, the vehicles are just the same models with a rusty overlay, looks a little out of place.

fake factory models/textures are VERY hit or miss. some of the environments are gorgeous to look at, but player models and some props are ugly as hell.

Couldn’t agree more.

This is the kind of change i am talking about, the model is from the Fake Factory mod.