More dvdprui/Basementcat faggotry!

So, you all remember dvdprui, I take it? Creator of the Revolutionary tank? Member of the Prometheus Society who gets shitfaced on Everclear and makes his contraptions in thirty minutes? If you don’t remember, here’s a refresher:

Yeah. That guy. Doesn’t the way he talks just fill you with anger? His arrogance radiates through his typing somehow. This rage-induced internet troll has been slandering the names of me, Hunta, and Facepunch as a whole, and has taken a step as bold as insulting one of my contraptions, my junker car that was made a while back. Now, I admit, it wasn’t the best contraption ever, probably one of my least favorites, but I am still fond of it. In a Youtube video posted in April (not sure how I missed it), he completely demolishes my junker car, which I had put up for download in this video here:

Isn’t that just a dick move? Would any of you guys have done that purely out of rage? I know I wouldn’t. I’m not asking you to be my army and troll the fuck out of this guy (though feel free to point and laugh via his youtube channel), but I though it would be appropriate to spread the lulz that this guy has produced over the past few months. Enjoy :slight_smile:

I stopped the video when the music played. I went from :what: to :byodood:.

He really glorifies his “intercepter” I honestly found it quite undetwhelming. He could have at least used applyForce if not fin control, but, i mean, thrusters?

Wow, that was… pretty gay. He gets all RP about his (mediocre) stuff.

Leave the guy a lone already, WOW! Seriously.

I would comment on it, but he blocked me after I said he didn’t cred me.
Also had a massive argument with him when he decided to comment on my contraption from 2007.

Leave him in his small world

That jet looks like a total hunk of crap, like 30 props soo black you can’t see any detail because I’m sure there is none.

Function-wise it looks like it handles like a fail brick, my face is smoother after a year without shaving. Once again his contraptions look and have features from a good 2-3 years ago.

Crap video is crap.

Off topic but slightly related, Luke Nasa told me he was the best builder in the world today.

next time i see him, im gonna ask why he thinks so :o

Guis his tank can beat mine

(Btw I think Prui got too personal ages ago)

Sat I hope you’re kidding.

Yeah no we still haven’t fought.

just leave him alone

That plane is a disgrace.

Are you his alt?

oh he’s so pringles :frowning:

Where your mustache at?

jesus christ

what is this i dont even

I just tested out his Duratech jeep,

SOOOOO funny, honestly, it is so unstable it black holes if you pick it up from its base prop and strafe.

The suspension itself is as soft as a roid ragers tadger and is far too bouncy, feels like it is connected to the chassis by jelly.

The gearing system is fail and might as well not be there

The whole thing is a joke, I won’t even commment on the looks or build quality.

I’m extremely tempted to upload the video I just took of it, I mean I wasn’t putting much stress on it at all, I spawned it at the original angles, only the steering wheel was missing and I picked it up by the base plate.

A real blackhole bot.

no. im just wondering why theres still threads about this guy.


Do it! i want to see how it really works, since he says it has a shitload of torq and is perfect for anything.


no wait i dont get it