More electrical and plumbing

This is a suggestion for new electrical and plumbing items. To get to the point;

  1. Advanced Oil Refinery, Uses Water and electricity to get slightly higher fuel yields from crude oil
  2. Small Electrical Furnace, High Power Use, low amount of slots, but slightly faster than normal furnace for making charcoal, or smelting
  3. Basic steam engine, just like with water purifier, its placed above a campfire, and uses water to generate small amounts of power. this would be a low cost item, would decay slightly if using salt water
    4.Water Electrolyser and hydrogen engine, this would generate fuel cells from pure water, these cells can be used to repair diving tanks for much lower durability cost than repair bench, or fuel a hydrogen engine for cars (via combustion), or even as a fuel for a blowtorch. The engine and electrolyser would use late game materials.

the main point of all of these items is to make power and fluid more useful than the broad use of turrets and farming, and the specialist use of vehicle lifts, and rust+ used items, as well as (especially in the case of the basic steam engine), make fluid and power more accessible to the solo and casual player.