More explosives please

I’m a big fan of variety, especially in games. Rust seems to want to provide as many tools as possible to allow players to decide how to survive as best they can. A lot of focus has been put on gunplay, and it’s positive/negative effects on the game. But other than people wanting Explosive Charges to do more damage to structures, or that it already does too much, I haven’t seen many talk about using it in combat. If being persued, I’ve found it to be a very effective way of dispatching any would be bandits. Especially if combined with a wooden Barrier strategically placed between unclimbable rocks.

With that being said, I would like to ask for more variety in explosive devices. Being able to set our own timers on the Explosive charges would be great. Nothing spectacular, just increments of 5 up to 30 seconds would still make a very nice touch. I’d also like to see directional explosives, like claymores and landmines. A remotely activated explosive charge, that goes off when I push a button or even if I have to shoot it myself would be nice. Devices like these could even be defused if someone was careful and saw them before setting them off. Shooting them would also be an effective way to remove them. Another nice idea would be booby trap explosive that could be placed inside storage crates. The Pro would be that I would get the satisfaction of knowing that a raider got blowed up and didn’t get my shiz. The Con: It would also do damage to any nearby base structure and I might have to replace parts of my base as well as losing all my shiz. Once the explosive device was placed in a crate, an Arm/Disarm option could be created holding down E, similar to how Ignite/Extinguish is added when fuel is placed inside a furnace/campfire. This could be available to either only the person that placed it, or to everyone that interacts with the crate. You would just have to be sure to check by holding down E before plundering the goods.

Other ideas I had were Flashbangs and smoke bombs. More items for the strategic defense of my base, or offense of someone elses. All in all, these suggestions could be used effectively against anyone, and allow more creativity in how we play. Mind you, I am expecting that explosives might become very hard to come by later on in development. But being able to have options on how we use the explosives is my ideal scenario.

Huh. I didn’t realize there were so many nancies out there. Come on guys, so far most of you are voting against explosives, let’s hear why you dont want them.

it costs 300 gunpowder to make 15 explosives enough to make 1 charge and 300 gunpowder takes 600 sulfer and plus it takes 20 gunpowder 2 low-grade fuel and 5 sulfer to make 1 explosive it should lower to like 10 explosives to make 1 charge or lower it to 10 gunpowder to make a explosive not 20 thats what im mad about

It’s simply too easy to walk up to someones house, blow a hole in the side, take all their shit, and leave. They should lower the drop rates of explosives… or make them do 1/2 the dmg they already do… so it’d take 4 C4 or 20x grenades to take down one wall or something. And also maybe even take them out of the craft table.

Did you guys even read my post? I’m pretty sure explosives are going to be harder and harder to come by. Hell with the min.player on airdrops now, some servers will need an admin to spawn one just to see that plane. No air drops means you have to kill a ton of zombies to get c4.

or just camp a rad town, which is completely possible to do in FULL KEVLAR. I find more rad pills and ammo than I use in rad towns, and usually walk away with at least 2 c4. I don’t camp that one weak one with the road going through it either.

They need to take rad protection away from ALL armor except the RAD gear, and increase the effects of radiation so that naked people cant just run in and take stuff without risking anything at all, and so that people in full kevlar have a harder time in these zones.

True enough, but it sounds like perhaps c4 and explosives eventually will just come from air drops, similar to military weapons. If that’s the case, I’d like a little more flexibility in what I can do with it.

I like your idea’s Kurogo.
This way explosives can be used defensively.
Also the feature to disarm any trap is good.
What I would like to see added is the need of specific tools to disarm.
You would need one toolset to disarm mines and different toolset to disarm boobytraps.
This way inventory management becomes important also.
Making it so that a raider has to make a decision between bringing a full arsenal of guns or leave half his guns at home and bring some disarm toolkits.
Not only the naked man in the street should worry about what the best way to survive is, also the kevlar guy with the full gear.