More FastDL help?

I’ve been having fast dl problems ever since I’ve tried to use it. Right now I have this error upon logging into the server:

“Lua cache could not be downloaded. Server is misconfigured”

I’ve uploaded my server’s cache to the webserver. It is up to date. I’ve looked through every tutorial I can find. My custom files download correctly and so does the map.

What is going wrong?


To try and get this working, I’ve removed all the custom files except for the cache and maps. When logging in it will start normally, except when it goes to download the cache it just sits there, not changing files or anything, for several minutes. Then it moves to client info, and starts up with the same “Lua cache couldn’d be downloaded. Server is misconfigured” message.

After you chanced lua files or added them, you have to restart your server / change map, then make it generate a new cache, then upload it.

your FastDL path is set up wrong then

developer 4
download_debug 1

connect to the server, check the console.