More flexible .Phy for Half-life 2 characters

Can someone make a more flexible .Phy for all the Citizens, Rebels, and Combine? they are a pain in the ass to pose sometimes because of their arms and wrists. And if it has been done before, can someone post a link? Thanks :smile:

Come on. I know i’m not the only person who wants this.

I also would enjoy this, you got my vote.

I support this, it must be done

Try the phys I used on my insurgents:

I made the arms and legs far more flexible and also made it possible to move the neck and shoulders a bit.
If you want to use them for citizens, just take the .phy file and rename it to fit the name of the ragdoll you want to use it on and just replace it.

I use this for so many of my models since you released those models those phy are great.