More Force Unleashed Character Models

We already have a couple with lilwasa’s Star Wars pack, but I would like to request more be made as there are some good quality models of popular characters that would be good for posing.


Among those characters, it would also be cool to have the rancor models ripped as well. Would anyone be interested in pulling this off?


That Malak is orgasmic.

In the first picture, is that…

i have seen a few star killer models but i would like to see a origonal star killer model just him as he is not the one with all these masks and stuff on just him in his human form

are there any wampa models or rancor models, none of this jedi crap, just the beasts

I wanna see a regular starkiller

Whoever bumped is a massive doucheface, but I totally didn’t know that there were modernized KOTOR models.

i’d like to see Luke with Yoda and Han Solo