More gun sound updates?

The gun sounds keep changing, i see what they are trying to do, ie inside outside sounds, but what id really like to see is scopes and actual things that change game dynamics, as someone else stated item upgrade ability is something people really want, i see finiky updates on textures and sounds etc that get updated but are still buggy, ie i was outside of my house today and it was still making my guns sound like indoor, then went back inside and it went to normal sounds then back to indoor sounds after about 2 clips, the guns sounds where fine before (just in my opinion i understand) id like to see less updates on things that work and more new things. IMO there are enough guns etc for now, being able to actually modify items and craft new totally different things would change the game alot, im looking at the trello board and just thinking wow when are these awesome things coming.
anywho just a small gripe just my opinion and a few of my players opinions today when we got around to actually playing the new update.

cheers oRcim

I’m not big on the idea of optics in context of this game. High end precision ground optics shouldn’t really be in the game IMO. It doesn’t fit the theme… Improvised suppressors, sure. Those are easy to make. But otherwise, I’m good wiht the guns as they are.

The sounds, however… Ugh. the current sounds are horrible. They were excellent a couple of patches ago and have been getting worse and worse since. Actually, sounds overall (except foot steps) have been on a constant downhill path for the last couple of weeks.

One person is working on sound, and that’s their area of expertise. Having them work on meshes and textures and programming that are required for things like scopes etc doesn’t make sense.

They should be better next patch :slight_smile: There was some weirdness with the reverb effect that’s used for distant gunshots but it is sorted now. That’s what the change the OP is referencing actually was, not a change in the sounds themselves.

to true guys, i appreciate that someone is dedicated to that area, just wish the sounds wouldn’t as crunch said going downhill, id rather them leave it as it was and utilize other sound areas that may need work or see if that person can help with new ideas for rust, the sounds atm are terrible lolz.I was just throwing the idea of weapons as something he could do instead of sounds cause they keep getting worse :stuck_out_tongue:

(Just so you know, KmartSqrl is the dedicated sound guy :eng101:)

I liked the original sounds. The ambient effect was non-existent at first, but the actual sound was nice. Sounds like the blend between the dry sound and the reverb are reversed from what they should be and we hear nothing but the ambient sound.

At least the bang of the C4 is back. I missed that satisfying boom last patch.

Ran up to some guy shooting today, a week ago I got shot and heard nothing. Today I get to hear something, but it was the same sound up close as it was far away, and neither sounded like a gunshot.