More Handmade Weapons

I think there should be more handmade weapons in the game, such as crossbows.

Crossbows (note. the crossbow would use bolts not arrows, bolts would cost half the wood that arrows do as they are much shorter) would provide an alternative to the bow for people who struggle to aim with it. While your aim would drastically increase with a crossbow, so would the reload time, this would stop it become op. Its upgrade would be semi auto one (the ancient Chinese did actually build these: or ) or a military grade one (like the one you get in COD).

There should also be knives, solders do not carry hatchets as their close-quarters weapon, they carry knives. the first one would just be a crude, handmade one, but with its upgrade you could even add ballistic knives as the mechanism is not too complicated.

Spears should also be added because when you engae an animal with a mele weapon it is able to bite you, however with a spear it would not be able to do that easily as it is further away, this would mean that arrows/guns would not be the only way to engage animals/monsters without being hurt.

Shields could also be a good idea, they would be espically effective agaist a bow, crossbow, mele weapons and would offer reduced damge against handmade weapons. Its upgrade could even be riot sheild which would be able to stop a few bullets. This would add another dimention to the combat.

Also the bow needs an upgrade, all the other weapons do, revolver - pistol, pipe shotgun - shotgun. They should put in metal bows which you could add attachments too, or a long bow which would do much more damage but have slower reload time.

Thanks for reading, please add more ideas in the comments.

The repeating crossbow could be something like this?


Stone Walls, Catapults, Bear Traps

catapults = good idea
bear traps= good vs players, since bears are so easy to kill
stone walls= people might use them as a way to traps resorces( some areas of the game recorses spawn pretty close, either way, these walls would have to be weak agains pick axe or explosives( 1000 hp would be good), and rocks are kinda usefull to waste in walls.

just my opinion though :smiley:

yeah good ideas, espically the stone walls as currently there is not real use for stone (apart from arrows)

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good ideas

I am for anything that removes military weapons completely and in its place puts homemade

i think that they should be made un-craftable but not removed, in a fall-out world (which rust is) there would still be some hanging around but no one would be able to make them. They should only be avalible from airdrops. Or what they could do is make military weapons into a mod so you can play with them if you want on modded servers!

IMO they either need to be removed 100% (military weapons) or left as-is…

If you get in a fire fight against a guy with a M4 and all you have is a handcrafted, 9/10 you’ll lose. Which makes them OP.

That and once you get some good weapons those players/clans would dominate the air drops.

yeah i agree with you there, i didn’t think of that when i wrote my reply, however if they were removed 100% there should be some modded servers where they were left in as i know some people do like them.

Yeah I don’t care if people have modded servers, Just talking about vanilla.

IMO it’d be sweet if they took out the military weapons and imposed more skill type of weapons… Like when I get killed by a guy with a bow, props…those things are fkn hard to shoot.

I’d love to see some more stuff like spears, maybe make the BAR an endgame weapon… but decrease the accuracy for it. stuff like that.

Fucking compound bow, a spear that as to be lowered and charged with, shit like that. xD

Yeah, anyone can kill a guy who has a rock with an M4 but very few can kill efficantely with bows. They should just add more mele weapons as in a post apocaliptic world people would use spears. haha the BAR would be a bit op

I agree the BAR is OP in current state… but it is a “handcrafted” weapon… so maybe decrease the range/accuracy of it… I dunno.

(Or make it a true single shot)

If they make the BAR a true single shot, and actually added bullet time (so you would have to lead the target) THAT would make it balanced… still get a 1shot kill, but greatly increase the skill it takes to use.

Yeah that would work better however it shouldn’t be 1 shot to kill if you’re wearing kevlar, they probably will introduce bullet time as they have for arrows

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haha that would be great :slight_smile:

Spears, Slingshot, Blowdart, Punji traps, Malay Man catchers. You know… Fun stuff.


haha, slignshot is a good idea though

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oh and that definately would not be slightly op

IMO even if you are wearing kevlar IRL, a .22 shot to the dome would kill you (high chance of killing you)

But make it a single shot, and add bullet time… and it would take some skill to cap someone.

While true, it would make kevlar irrelivant, it should do 75hp damage as 1 shot to kill is a bit op, games are not about realism, they’re about having fun and i’d be pretty pissed if i just got killed out of nowhere - thats what it would be like