More haunting music please

I love dark ambient music which I think fits the game well. You guys have a couple of tracks in the same I like I would just like to request a little for variety to make the atmosphere better.

I turn it off, tends to annoy me after a while.

What would be cool is to hear screams in the background if a player is shot within audible range. I hear the gun-shots, but an accompanying scream would be cool whenever a player is hit.

For people that dont want it its a easy fix. Some of us do want more music so more variety would be great.

I like the one song they have. the russian talking or whatever I dont like though. But ya some more creepy tracks would be awesome. And maybe a separate volume control so you can turn it down/up?

The russian radio chatter or whatever it is, is annoying as hell. I’d approve of some ambient music… but really, the game should provide the background. Add some animal sounds, wind, etc.

there was a thread a while ago about music in rust in which myself and others posted songs we made as suggestions for ingame music

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I imagine that if they don’t source out an amateur… getting real music from a source say on YouTube, might be expensive.