more hl2 zombies


1: shotgun and nova prospect skins for zombine

2: an elite zombine, this cant be a reskin as the elite has different armor so it will have to be a different model

3: alternate zombies, for example a zombie wearing a lab coat, citizen uniform, rebel outfits and metrocop outfits- perhaps female zombies

4: fast zombines

5:poison zombines

If hell freezes over, be sure to notify me.

Just sayin’.

labcoat zombie:

(its shitty, and replaces normal though)

I KNOW there’s a citizen and metrocop floating around somewhere, I had them both.

^ That?



found a better labcoat (its kleiner)


elite zombie (player model, but would come with a ragdoll)

in the viking religion hell is frozen


what about mah zombines?

also i am trying to keep my addons clean