More Holiday Themed Maps?

Is there anyone out there that can/would make more holiday themed maps?

Halloween and Christmas could really use some nice maps besides the few that are out there.

The current ones either don’t have enough spawn points or weird issues with textures or are just kind of boring.

Ideally looking for these themed maps for Prop Hunt and Hide and Seek.

If the maps are good enough I could more than likely compensate you with some cash!


As for Halloween maps, TF2 has a bunch.

Can’t use TF2 for Prop Hunt, at least I don’t think…

As for the house ones, If I remember correctly they had maybe like 4 spawn points or something like that which obviously causes many issues.

You can create more spawnpoints using Lua. And yes, if you have TF2 mounted on the server and client, it will work fine.

last december, i’ve gave some snow to gm_construct, adding some holiday themes and hidden areas
anyways i’m thinking to get back to the whiteboard and rework some stuff there

still has problems like physgun enabled ice (also deletable) and optimization