More Immersion in Rust

Immersion is something that adds to any game experience no matter if that means graphics, sound or gameplay. Here are some ideas that could potentially increase immersion. Tell me what you guys this since the game is molded by the community, and any statement you make could have an impact on the game.

I. A simplistic UI
-Things like hunger, thirst, comfort, health, etc. all have symbols that will disappear and reappear when necessary. For example the symbol for hunger could be the silhouette of meat and would not be visible unless your character is hunger and would slowly fade in red. When you eat it would fade in green to show you are full. This would apply to all these states and would clean up the screen.
-hot bar becomes more transparent and the background more visible

II. Full-body awareness
-This is a feature that isn’t in games and i dont know why, Maxof2DS was working on this for Garry’s Mod and if you don’t know what i’m talking about go check out his youtube channel. It is simply allowing you to see your legs arms, your body and takes away that feeling of just being a floating pair of arms. I’m not sure if there are any technical difficulties that come with this but if not it would be a great addition.

III. Animations!
-Animations for healing, eating skinning animals the more the better! Would be a great addition to the game and would add some great production value. Of course it would take some time but all worth it in the end. It would just make a more quality product.

Tell me what you guys think! Post your thoughts and add to the list with your ideas

I love being able to see your body! mm

Nice little list but I will mention that number two is a lot more difficult than you would think. It means that the viewmodel needs not only arms and holdout, but also legs.However, I am no animator or modeller, so I am not actually sure.

That was my main concern, i rarely see in it any game and it seems like a simple thing that would add a lot to the game, hopefully a dev can comment on this.