More/improved server admin tools to track hackers

I’d like to get a list going of things that can be improved to help admins track hackers. I’ve been in my server tracking hackers around but things can be improved to help us admins track hackers efficiently.

  • With invisible armor on, our names should not come up if people are close enough and our characters should not make any foot step sounds.
  • Teleporting should not disconnect admins.
  • add timestamps to log files
  • add a kill log (with time stamp)
  • admin command to get coordinates. (investigate hacker houses for suspicious items)
  • a way to enable admins to see names + steam ids from far away. We should also be able to see what players have in their inventory along with item properties (which player a sleeping bag belongs to). It’s kind of sad that ESP hacks have more information available to hackers than us server admins.
  • clear inventory command to clear my inventory when I confiscate hacked goods.

feel free to add more to the list.

How about a way for the community to get some transparency as to what the admins are doing? Like, I don’t know, broadcast to the server every time they use a command.

That would just notify the hackers and they would turn off the hacks. That’s pointless.

I would only want transparency for when admins create items.

no disrespect, Gawdsed. But it is the purview of the owning admin to make and do whatever they like on the game. What would be respectful is a reputation tracker for non-official servers. This would clearly identify which servers are worth playing and which aren’t.

It would also need to attach a weighted value of “time played” to rating. So that people who own another server can’t “Shit talk” competition.

Additionally, with the aforementioned list. A construction visualization map, with a log to “playback” building. watching a massive structure be erected in a short period of time should be viewed by admins to ensure fairplay.

I really like the “reputation tracker” idea. I should make a website around that idea. Sound like a plan?
Upvote and downvote servers. Could be cool.

It should be an ingame function, that way votes can be tied to actual players and they would have actually had to play on the server to even be allowed to vote for or against it.
newbies under 6 hours should even be allowed to vote.

additionally it should be weighted so 1 long time member would outweigh several newbies.

Something like that would probably be a long way off. Might as well do something in the meantime.
I trust that legitimate voters would outweigh any fake voters.