More information on front page about changes?

When they say about something like " C4 is harder to make" ,as an example. Can we be told about the changes that have been done with things?

Yes, regular patch notes should be made available and posted.

Would you rather them spend their time writing you a novel on every change or work on more bugs?

I agree, a list or a sticky on the forums with the details that has been updated would be nice. Won’t take more then three more minutes to evolve the points further that they already written.

Just simple sentences wouldn’t slow them down :d plus it is their work. I am sure that at least one guy of the team could at least put 10 minutes each day into this. Nothing fancy.

Tbh there are posting stuff. Why should do go in to more detail? Thats the coolest part! Going in-game to find stuff out about the “new” stuff. :slight_smile:

Because it is something that has changed not something new that has been added.

Your an idiot, they have to keep patch notes whatever the case. And publishing them is common practice in this industry.

Yeah i mean take ARMA 3… I didn’t understand hardly anything with them patch notes… But it was nice to see what has been happening.