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It’s surprisingly hard to think of an ending for a comic where you just bitch about something.

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You could whine about this in any way possible, yet… you decided to do something original and turn your rage en whines in a comic.

This was a
[li]Good comic
[/li][li]Bad comic
[/li][li]OK comic
[/li][li]Teletubbie porn

e. All of the above.

I hope this message will stop the interactive parade. I wish the moderator would close all the interactive comic.

A. Thank Clover for making this and hope interactive comics cease posthaste

I’m not calling an end to interactive comics, I’m hoping to call an end to the crappy ones. From what I can tell, I think people see the Madman comic with 1000+ replies, and want to make something like that. However, all that happens is they make a frame or two, and let everyone decide how the comic goes completely. For an interactive comic to work well, you need to have a rough idea of a story first.

Good comics like Madman: The Game should survive, but bad interactives that die after a few crappy posts should be exterminated and sent into a fire.
Anyone remember Emergence? Now that was a good comic.

I don’t remember it.

I wasn’t around long enough to remember it.


I laughed at “Drama comic will flip”

I miss comics that actually have an aim and story. I’m glad you’re being proactive, Clover.

I find interactive comics as a lack of intelligence on the comic makers part. They’re just an excuse to make comics where instead of you deciding the story, you let the readers write the story for you.

Don’t get me wrong, it can be good sometimes, but most of the time it’s just laziness.

I love how you didn’t personify (?) the genres but made them characters nonetheless. Clever as always, Clover.

Interactive comics usually strive in this section when one really great interactive comic with a dedicated comic maker becomes popular.

Hell, take a look at madmanmad’s thread, ever since he started the interactive comic, there has been a crapload of other interactive comic threads with users thinking they’re going to be dedicated too. After a couple contributions, they’re going to ditch their comic. It’s a blind reality they have to face and they will never know about this.

That dialogue box lying flat on the ground in the last panel was a nice touch.

I think the main problem with most of these interactive comics is people have the wrong mindset about it, they just think:

“Oh well sombody else is going to be making the suggestions i can just sit back and look like i’m doing somthing without actually putting any effort into it!”

Because you can’t just take sombodys suggestion and and slap it on. You have to play with it a bit, twist it to somthing else.

Like if the main character was a plumber trapped in a room and sombody suggested “build giant robot to burst down the wall”. He’s a plumber he wouldn’t know how to build a giant robot. Maybe instead he sticks a few plungers togeather and draws a face on a cardboard box, sticks it on top and hey presto a plunger robot that is completely useless. Maybe it would probably end up becoming his best friend and even after he escapes he takes it with him as he’s grown too attached to his company.

Twisting the suggestions keeps the readers from knowing what will really happen next, and makes it a more enjoyable read.

Atleast i think so.

Whaha that idea was great, and also nicely executed.

To be honest I don’t get what the big deal is. I only read the occasional comic by people I know or if the title interests me. I ignore just about all the ones with interactive in the name.

Haha, nice one Clover! Me like. Interactive comics should be like a… tabletop rpg, or the like. There’s a plot but you decide what to do, sort of.

Clever. Interactive comics with poor posing and editing and story die so fast, and they just fill up the page with useless crap.

Eh, you can’t really tell them to stop. They’re doing what they wanna do just like everyone else.