More Melee weapons! (and falling trees)

So, I know that giant rocks and sharp hatchets aren’t exactly soft, but why not some sweet melee weapons? These would help you fend off animals without wasting ammo and bandages after you fight a bear with a hatchet, and they would add a lot more realism to the game. The first thing that really comes to mind for me is spears; They would require rock and wood to craft, and could be throwable, but also a sufficient melee weapon. You wouldn’t be able to stack them, but on a throw they would do half the health of the enemy player. However, they would be extremely inaccurate and short range. Another thing that comes up are things like knives. Stone knives you would be able to make instantly under survival, but metal more military-like machetes would be rare loot in rad-zones and in supply crates. Stone knives would be faster than hatchets, and take 4 hits to kill a naked person. Machetes would be a tiny bit faster than hatchets, but kill in two hits and have longer range. Also the stone knife would have a secondary attack that stabs, which would do 75 HP to somebody from behind, but take a little bit longer than a pickaxe to do. Machetes would do the same thing but do 125 base HP. If you can manage to get behind somebody undetected, you deserve the kill anyway. Also both would get you a lot more items from animals. They would all also require a workbench and take a lot of materials to build, just so not everybody has a knife or spear or something.

Also you should be able to cut down trees, but it would take a long-ass time and you would only be able to do it with a hatchet. You would be able to see the progress you are making in the tree, and you would be able to collect leaves and wood from the fallen tree. Leaves would allow you to make camouflage for your house, so people won’t see it from a distance and an attachable ghilly suite which you could put on your armor like putting a laser sight on a gun, which would make you have green leaves over your armor. You would be able to see your actual armor under the leaves. Also there are too many BIG ASS TREES, so this would work out pretty good.

Most of my specific ideas are probably going to come off as fucking retarded to most of you guys, but if you take the general idea of Spears, knives and falling trees it sounds pretty good. Right? please love me

Edit: Also shields would be pretty cool. Don’t know how in the holy hell you could get swords in the game but I am sure you could find a way.

i’m sorry this is off topic ( love your idea) but why is your user name that?!

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helk is looking at this so that means your ideas will be added :dance:


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long story

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I will be waiting patiently at the Rust homepage refreshing every 5 seconds to see when Helk updates it
I made a spear, inspired by OP’s suggestion.

Jesus christ, that looks awesome!

Man, nice work nice thaughts!
One thing that I will have to disagree though, is the ghillie suit.
Those kind of things are way to OP and once they come to the game it will slow down the fast paced combats of Rust.
Keep it up!


i think that the trees should NOT fall, or else u would have 1000 trees laying on the ground :, it the idea is kinda dayz epoch :stuck_out_tongue:

True, but what I suggest is make it around as hard to cut down a tree as it is to cut down a wooden door. Also ONLY a metal hatchet can cut them down. That would take a LOOOOOONG time, and I doubt anyone is patient enough to wait 40 minutes just to get like 5 trees! When you cut it down, you would hit the tree like a wood pile, except it has about 6 times more than a wood pile, which seems pretty realistic. Once done harvesting the tree, it would disappear. If people are cutting them down for fun for whatever reason, they could despawn after a day or something.

I’d have way more fun collapsing trees onto enemy bases, smashing walls or using them to climb over their walls.

That would be pretty damn cool, but after a while every single base would be half missing lol

Good ideas… And more melee weapons would be awesome, maybe a club,
Basically a log…

The whole chopping trees thing is going to take some doing, no idea when but its something we’re investigating.

I have a good idea for how the system could work if thats what you’re trying to work that out