More missing maps...

K. So. Just got FastDl to work, downloaded an mapvote system. I downloaded some maps too for the TTT server. And I Bzip2 all of them and added it to the fastdl. But, one problem. We used to be a minecraft only server. And for some maps, it says “missing maps” for some players ever since I got the fastdl to work. I have no idea what is wrong. Can anyone help?

Do I need to maybe bzip2 the ztmp files aswell?

Post the URL to your FastDL.

Looks fine to me. Can you post your resource.AddFile file and server.cfg please?

It wouldn’t really have much to do with resource.AddFile, are you sure you have the right link set in sv_downloadurl?

That’s why I asked him for his server.cfg too…

It’s alright. I just gave up and we’re minecraft 24/7 again :/.