More MMD ported GMOD models (Request to 1337gamer15)

yes, we want considering here,if having wanted a post you’ll have only making the MMD ported to Garrysmod model something these possible do expect right? (im not so really the MMD ported anymore this blender 2.6x in my own computer)

NOTE: *1. this MMD to GMOD request thread for more update soon in details so remind me anyone post by everything?
2. remind me if you’re allowed be mentioned to 1337gamer15 are never surely port to GMOD its commercial purpose the models like Win100%,nanami & rare models with finacially protected due copyrights. :eng101: *

Well to start, you should probably make sure that these models have author permission. Plenty of MMD models are free to use so long as they arent used for commercial use and credit is given. However there are also a few that authors dont want to see used outside of MMD. Use Google Translate on any readmes to find out if their good or not.

And uh… maybe straighten up the list and the grammar. Its hard to read. Also, if its a request from someone specific then pms would probably do better.

Edit: Also, El Shaddai and Idolm@ster have games with perfectly good models to rip from already. Saber has a few models that can be used from the PSP games provided someone should rip them.

should just request different models, the MMD ones are terrible.

too many man, i’m not a genie, i still have planned models to work with, and i’m not to hot on taking thousands of requests from the same person

sure right,somebody need i hopefully want this better so plenty have more MMD port GMOD models dunno im just good excited cool things…

(hmmm,if you are not genie so i path up so rather make wish so command how about Strike Witches to do this week?)

REQUEST: here is update posted from PLASMID

I’d much rather see stuff like this ported, although no one wants to convert anything that isnt pre rigged so I might just do some myself one day for fun.

UPDATE: here is posted from MrWhitefolks

I’ll be honest, a LOT of these models have posing issues (limbs bend wrong way, phys are super stiff, fingers pose at wrong joints, etc) and some of the most useful ones I’ve encountered so far have ZERO eye posing. :frowning:

@plasmid [via from yukiho-sama]: OMG,this not a MMD modelling do converted them to would like GMOD? its a rigged from your console import (example: PS3) so who you might did stuff doing us telling do asking be want to get port on 3DS Max right to MDL decompiler but because im not owned the modelling port anything i dont know who cares,Plasmid.

UPDATE: also chill up the updates from 1337gamer15 the revealed of MMD Port Misc Pack PT2!


@1337gamer15 ---- this is awesome Charlotte formed by cakeworm is finally then also Strike Witches characters in your starting here right off finished yet?

@plasmid [via from yukiho-sama]: OMG,this not a MMD modelling do converted them to would like GMOD? its a rigged from your console import (example: PS3) so who you might did stuff doing us telling do asking be want to get port on 3DS Max right to MDL decompiler”

um what?

Please, learn how to speak english.

If you already do speak english, then your probably to young for this forum.

Also I love how your always posting pictures and saying stuff as if they’re leaked images of a future pack, but all you’re doing is getting them from 1337gamer’s steam profile.

UPDATE from 1337gamer15, here is latest two new STRIKE WITCHES model characters!!
OMFG,Donkey bring a molested with lolicon was Francesca do loving fun,very awesome!! XD

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“So findout the MMD ported GMOD updates here from the reliable source of STEAM”

when are you ganna get banned?

and im sorry but what did you say about a lolicon being molested by a a cartoon ape?

I actually feel sorry for the guy your stalking, cause every time he puts a picture up on his on steam account he has to worry about this 13 year old boy with broken english bumping a thread somewhere on FP.

what did you say!? seriously he is 1337gamer15 (johan) was my friend, he’s a 13 year old little broken english the bumped so tried up down from grammar do lesson,he is still best MMD porting to garrys mod making ever things for rigging usually blender or 3dsmax in those having models are legal distribute from MMD content but about his worried to do? im not sicking my head the confused did mather up right to acknowledge him.

see right now your not even making a sentence your just sticking words together, and we can not understand it.

MMD is its own posing a physics engine, what benefit does gmod give? you’ll lose more features and appeal of the model by doing ports…

I guess it is simpler for people who haven’t delved into more complex programs for posing 3d models.

While this is true, Gmod is a bit easier to tackle for some people. It’s not like porting MMD models into Gmod takes away from MMD itself. If people want the better appeal and physics, they can go use MMD.

Besides Gmod has it’s own special appeal, such as making crappy machinimas starring their favorite anime characters interacting with other random videogame characters. Or perhaps making them into playermodels/NPCs, etc…

I never thought I would actually tell any foreigner this, but if you’re going to post here at least use a translator. I’d rather take the time to sift through the broken text google gives me the the incomprehensible shit you’re spewing out right now.

Tera online models?

i’m actually almost done, i’m at a freinds house this weekend, then i have 2 more to do. i’m gonna try a win100% model, yeah i kinda figured, what the hell…

i found you Win100% models [update from Jan 2012] stuff here from a source of Sarah her said “I was inquiring about before. It was not easy, and I’m only posting these here because of how annoying it was to get them. the MMD scene is ruled by a flock of immature 14 year old girls.”

basically,here’s for real Win100 models right for any includes the content some individual characters.

[img_thumb] [/img_thumb]


  • Kitty’er (Rio) [normal+Guitar & Red Dress]
  • Sora Amaha (Normal & Yutaka dress)
  • Neon
  • Spica (From Sumaga of Sumaga by NITOPLUS)
  • SF-A2 Miki (by AH-Software used for VOCALOID)
  • Neon (of Nippombashi Project)
  • Hikari (of Nippombashi Project)
  • Iroha Nekomura (of Kitty’er & VOCALOID by AH-Software two dressing)
  • Lily (of VOCALOID by Internet Co.Ltd)
  • Sakura (of Axanael by Nitroplus)
  • Tsukumo-tan (The Mascot of Tsukumo SHOP)
  • Matsumae Ohana (of Hanasaku IROHA anime series)
  • Kurisu Makise (Of Steins;GATE in Visual Novel & Anime by 5pb)
  • Deadmaster (Of Black Rock Shooter series)
  • Msyu (of “C”)
  • Mai Yukishiro (of Kitty’er)
  • Inga (a male character of UN-GO)
  • **DeoFairy NOL **
  • SeeU (of VOCALOID3 by SBS artech)
  • Riho (of DREAM CLUB Series by Kakomiki)
  • Totori (Atelier Totori) [see article to Atelier Meruru —>> ]

Thanks to Sarah on her post:

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