More Naruto ragdolls

i know that there is a naruto ragdoll but what about the other characters ragdolls. (if i knew how to post pictures i would but like i said i dont know how to so somone please tell me how) TY;)

Theres a Naruto Source Mod somewhere, i’ll see if I can find the link for you. Then you just need to install it and move the models and materials for the ragdolls over to GMod (or use the mount plugin to access the mod with GMod).

Edit: Its in this thread somewhere.

There is an project about this, but the main modeler is a lazy ass bastard so it will take shitloads of time before a release.

Plus, Facepunch got a lot of Anime haters. Watch out!

Ohh hi there Silver xD, my old thread… well since you brought that up, what happened with the Scythe model? you ever found out what was wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not figured out whats wrong with that thing ¬.¬ but when I get my Milkshape code, i’ve got an idea for what I might be able to do with it ^^ (It still just needs a texture the model is fine).

Ohhh :stuck_out_tongue: BTW you said that you founded in the Scythe pack some nice sounds : o that left me wondering… what kind of sounds? (I know they were like weapon sounds but what kind?)

And i hope you get your milkshape code soon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Sorry for spamming your thread OP lol, but take it as a free bump.

Attack sounds, missing (swish) sounds and block sounds (all clangly metal noises).

So do I XP