More natural disasters

This idea i think would add a cool aspect to the game that no other game (as far as I know) has done. If the game added tornado’s that could cause real damage to houses and builds. This would stop clans who are COMPLETELY from continuing on being the best. It would mix things around and cause people to have to move every once in a while instead of having one clan rule a whole server. I personally would find it cool to see a tornado in a game destroy things. Not to mention, watch a clan who thought they were the shit loose almost everything. I know many of you will tell me this is stupid but some may find it interesting please post your thoughts. And this was just a thought i had in mind.

This could be interesting, even if it was a earthquake that had a higher % to happen in certain areas and in areas with larger/ higher buildings.

exactly. I just really think this would be cool to add some natural disasters to shake things up a bit and not make it so easy for bigger clans

Wouldn’t it be cooler to have bombs drop from the sky from airplanes? Or maybe anomalys like in stalker?

Yea that is a cool idea too although what would be the purpose of bombs dropping in the wasteland of rust? Anyways still a cool idea.

The pilots are mad they they can’t get Rust keys and nobody told them they were able to buy it on the website

dem hackers

Cause bombing is how it became a wasteland… radioactivity dont come from birds DUMMY

yes it does!

Your reasoning for this is to slow down bigger clans… This will slow down the normal people too. What? Do you think the tornado/earthquakes will only hit big clans? No it’ll hit your house too and by the time you are built back up, so are the big clans so you are back where you started.

Bolts of Lightening would be cool

it would be nice whit tornado’s and stuff flying around that hurts ppl like a radio-actife storm :wink: