More of a question than a request, but...

How hard would it be to extract the multiplayer models from Goldeneye 007 and rig them up as player models in Sven Co-Op, or as ragdolls in GMod? I’m considering getting into modelmaking and this would seem like a simple way to get some experience with rigging.

It’s already been done:

Not GE:S, i mean the (Somewhat funny-looking) Classic N64 Characters.

Somewhere in between fairly easy and very frustrating. There’s ripping plugins for Project 64, so ripping the models shouldn’t be too difficult depending on if you can find the plugin. I fear the hard part here is putting together the model and applying the textures properly. Last time I ripped something from a N64 game, it was very sloppy, at a weird angle, holes in a few places etc. and textures were an extreme pain in the ass to apply, as old games usually used about 8 or 9 textures per character.