More Paint

ok so I know there’s more than what is available in the paint tool and i’m focused on the Blood Stains (not the ones it comes with) I’m talking about the long drag mark of blood and the pile and whatnot that people can only use when they are creating a map. anyway i want to add these to my paint tool but i can’t seem to get it working. :S it appears as a new paint in the paint selection as Bloodstain_001 since that’s the first one’s name but when I try to spray it somewere it doesn’t show up, can anyone help me out here? it’s very important to me

Will someone reply already!!!

Damnit all!! -.-

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I have no idea what you’re asking for. Please be more clear.

He wants more decals on the paint list, but no one has replied nor wants to do it. Parlim, next time try using proper grammar and punctuation. You went to school for a reason.

i drop out uv skul

I want this too

The problem is, Garry decided to use decal names instead of actual materials for util.Decal, and these appear to be hard-coded in the DLL.
Also, as far as I know, no one has worked out how to get util.DecalMaterial to actually work.
We’re stuck with the existing Garry Defined decals.
Sorry mate.

I had no idea there was a util.DecalMaterial, I’ve only been familiar with util.Decal, but it seems on the wiki they are the same subroutine with different names.

I’m a high school dropout, however, I can still use proper grammar and punctuation. Give me boxes though, I want to add a north wing to my box fortress. :smile:

[lua]] lua_run_cl print(util.DecalMaterial == util.Decal)



Has anyone tried using the decal names from the SDK?

As am I. But I got an ‘honors GED diploma’… So… I’m one of the smartest idiots out there :smiley:

It’s definitely not a highlight in my life, but I suppose the idea of it helps me be more modest about it. I had some old classmate of mine who’s still in high school rant on and make fun of me about it, only for me to tell him in the end that it didn’t make him a better person than myself to be rude and insulting about my situation.

I don’t know how difficult my life will be from here on out, but I’m hoping for the best, and expecting the worst, while taking it a day at a time. While in my current state, it’s best I shut my mouth, but then again that can be said for many people, regardless of a situation’s presence.

Look what I found:v:

Fancy. Now to find out if simply adding new .txt files does the trick.

It does, I did it while developing goremod^^

I added new .txt files to it and whatnot and the decal name popped up in the list but when I sprayed it, it was invisible so why don’t you explain how you did it.