More people joining the community

I am just making this new thread to tell you guys about how your acting around “New people in the community” (Not all of you), when some new guy puts up a post most of you gold members just hate on him as much as you can witch is really sad because all of this doesn’t benefit anyone at all the reason why there is more people in the community now is because YouTubers where given keys to help “promote” the game, but all of you guys are just taking a fit on them because you want a key all for your self in selfishness, now I am not saying that some of newer guys don’t want the same thing I am just saying show a little respect to garry and everyone who made this game and they want it to become something big not something that only about 200 people can play because they joined the forum earlier that’s all I have to say thanks for reading this and telling me your thoughts bellow.

People act like that because new people either didn’t read the sticky, are begging for keys, trying to look clever or are just generally dumb. So please, seeing that you are new too, you will probably leave because of the replies to this unnecessary thread.

Most people hate on people for their first post because they are stupid as hell.

Also periods and commas were invented for reason.
5 lines of text and 1 comma and 1 dot my eyes.

If every newcomer created a duplicate copy of a thread because they didn’t bother to search, and besides what they had to say was far too important to go in its own thread… if that was allowed, this entire site, top to bottom, would be an unusable shitpile.

There are reasons the sticky posts have rules in them. Those rules are to maintain order and organization.

And, I’m glad the mods have you around to help them figure out how to phrase certain difficult concepts like “stop complaining and be patient”. Lord knows postal couldn’t find both ends of his keyboard if they were glued to his hands. (I’m kidding!)

Omg do you really have to act like that i may be new to the forum but I never knew about it till now i was following the game this whole time prob way longer then you

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I was in a rush fighting dragons in skyrim i was switching out i have it in windowed mode

Learn to phrase sentences properly holy fuck

Yes I know but not all of the newcomers are like that they may
even become your friends and your missing out on it

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Wow please leave this thread I dont want it to become a flaring thread if you know what that means?

You typing like a 10 year old does not exactly make new people look good.
just sayin

You are the one flaring and you just wrote saying wrong so I am not acting like a 10 year old now please stop

All you need to do to not look like a complete retard and get banned on your first post is lurk more,

which you’re not doing correctly at all.

This isnt my first post and I do but still you act like because I am new I must be stupid or something

we hate on them because they are idiots

and we hate idiots.

thank you for supporting what i just said :v:
your first post got you banned because you were begging for a key, which makes this thread even more ironic.

True but im also not fully new followed this game for a long time just to find a forum where people hate on me for 19 posts

then lurk before you leap, and avoid making any shitty or useless posts

NEVER EVER ask for keys, thats the biggest reason we’re hating on them. It’s ruined the shit out of this section.

I wasnt begging for a key asked if some other youtubers that I think are funny so you are wrong there

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Well why cant anyone make a thread telling them how to act here or to fuck off because its better off they leave then get banned for them to rage some more

Thats a very long sentence

**HEY LISTEN UP READ THIS OR GET BANNED: **Alpha keys and forum rules. Updated July 20th This thread has images

highlighted in bright yellow

its only completely obvious lmao.\

I mean holy fuck, I don’t know, because the mods are and will be doing it, maybe?

you’re telling others to follow the rules and can’t even follow them yourself.

Stop posting here like it’s an IM chat. Being “edgy” and actually being funny in the process is fine if you plan on typing shittily, but excusing your shitty 10 year old typing with “im playing skyrim lol” is not ok.

I would normally add a good’ ol get out frog but those days are gone.


It doesnt say it right on

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Dude I am playing skyrim i killed the dragon and got my first dragon soul or whatever i got fuz ro dah