More Privileges

“CPs are ordinary human volunteers who have “willingly” joined the Combine, either for more privileges, such as additional food, better living conditions,
an increase in authority and status over others, or out of genuine sympathy and identification with the Combine’s aims.”

Yeah, got the idea few months ago when I saw Theo’s apartment in Children Of Men. Felt like doing it now. Built in gm_scenebuild_dusk.

A pallete for you man. Beautiful.

Simply Beautiful.

To put it simply: Beautiful.

This is great.

I love the concept. Execution is good too.


I like it, nice work!

A scenebuild too… wow.

the picture tells a story, nice

Yeah it’s no biggy though.

just have to have building blocks and textures for the interiors.

Sadly i think that that ruined the immersion.

But you definately did an outstanding job.